Introducing Dental2U


The importance of obtaining proper dental care

Routine preventative procedures, such as exams and cleanings are important for wellness and overall health. Studies show that poor dental hygiene in seniors can lead to more serious health consequences, such as bone loss, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.1 Routine dental care can often prevent more significant and expensive dental problems from occurring in the future. Unfortunately, basic oral health maintenance services many times are not covered under current state Medicaid programs . As a result, even basic dental services must be paid out-of-pocket by the nursing home resident or resident’s guardian.

Dental 2U, LLC understands the importance of routine dental care and the unique financial and mobility challenges facing many nursing home residents.

Dental insurance and health plans can provide greater peace of mind because it helps pay for routine exams and cleanings, including more expensive procedures, such as x-rays, fillings and even dentures.  Dental 2U can also arrange for on-site dental care2.

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1 “My Dental Hygiene” – Dr. Scott Westermeier, DDS, and Dr. Jeffrey Martin, March 23, 2008
2 On-site dental services available in select states.